The Physiotherapy Centre – Sittingbourne And Gillingham Clinics

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Comfort is key. To make an appointment, contact our Sittingbourne clinic in workplace hours or go away a message and we’ll get again to you. Treatments and consultations might be booked Monday to Saturday. If you prefer, we will arrange physiotherapy therapies and consultations in our Gillingham clinic, run by Karen Fawcett, Follow Principal.

Our Gillingham Clinic’s new premises, is accessed from Derby Highway just off Watling Street (A2).

– Cervical and higher limb orthotics – for fracture, post-trauma, humeral fracture, osteoarthritis, sprain, rhizarthrosis, and so forth.

– Spinal orthotics – for fracture, spinal cord injury, osteoporosis

– Hip orthotics – for dislocation, hip replacement, fracture, osteotomy

– Knee orthotics – for sports activities harm, osteoporosis, meniscus damage, ACL, PCL, MCL, LCL injury

– Ankle and foot orthotics – for sports activities damage, sprain, foot drop, stroke patient

– Musculoskeletal circumstances – medial tibial stress syndrome, Achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, over pronation/supination, leg length discrepancy

Patients should start with brief-duration (1-5 seconds) vary of motion exercises, which should be in a comparatively pain-free vary.(20) Fig. 2 exhibits three commonly carried out stretching exercises which can be particularly helpful for patients on this painful stage. Pendulum workouts will be utilized in flexion or abduction or circular motion. Patients also can try pulley exercises, as tolerated, and neck or scapular muscle releases. It is crucial to not aggravate a frozen shoulder, as aggressive stretching beyond the ache threshold can lead to inferior outcomes, particularly in the early section of the condition.(21) There has additionally been proof that patients ought to avoid a ahead shoulder posture as it could trigger a loss of glenohumeral flexion and abduction.(22)

At Modern Family Health, every patient is provided with high-high quality, individualized care. The group takes time to understand the particular needs of each patient, providing holistic therapy that addresses the whole person, not just their signs. Innovative Household Health partners with patients to help them maintain lengthy-term health and function.

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