Blood glucose Control With Herbs – Herbal Remedies That Lower and maintain Glucose Levels

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Higher blood sugar levels are considered to be more than 126 mg/DL in a Fasting Blood test and 200 mg/DL in a Glucose Tolerance Test along with Random Blood sugar Test. Our diet chiefly determines the sugar that the body stores of ours. Low glycemic foods like whole wheat, legumes, beans, brown rice, entire fruit take period for the body to process into glucose.

In addition to diet, Ayurvedic science especially suggests particular herbs reviews for gluco shield pro – Read More Here, that help to properly utilize sugar, control blood sugar as well as prevent the desire to have sweet food items. Herbal remedies and these herbs can certainly be used as a monotherapy or even an adjuvant in diabetes control. When you intend to take herbs together with prescription diabetes medications, make sure you inform your doctor.

The following would be the most herbal remedies and effective herbs prescribed by Ayurveda for highly effective blood glucose control:

Gymnema / Gymnema sylvestre is thought to be on the list of premier herbal plants for controlling blood glucose ranges. The additional benefit is that it does not lower them below ordinary. Gymnema generally known as Gurmar or maybe Meshashringi has a very curious and popular property of protecting against sugar cravings. In fact for a couple of hours after taking gymnema, high sugar cannot be tasted by the tongue. Clinical studies have shown Gymnema to be effective in type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Gymnema sylvestre is also effective in cholesterol control.

Gymnema / Gymnema sylvestre

Karela / Momordica charantia is a great blood purifier, detoxicant plus significantly improves absorption and digestion. The chief constituents of Karela are lectins, charantins as well as momordicines that have a lipogenic and antilipolytic effect like insulin. In reality gurmarin in Karela is akin to bovine insulin. Researchers in Britain determined that Karela features a hypoglycemic concept valuable in lowering blood and urine glucose levels. Karela is furthermore commonly known as Bitter Melon.

Karela / Momordica charantia

Neem / Azhadiracta indica also is a bitter herb that has been shown to have beneficial effects in in regulating blood sugar levels and stops hyperglycemia caused by adrenalin and glucose. It’s also a blood purifier and used for detoxification. Neem has been found to consistently and significantly reduce insulin needs for nonkeytonic, insulin fast, and insulin sensitive types of Diabetes. In fact according to the productive clinical trials, the Indian equivalent of the FDA has approved Neem as a medicine for diabetes.

Neem / Azhadiracta indica

Pitasara / Pterocarpus marsupium Extract of Pterocarpus marsupium has been proven to regenerate functional pancreatic beta cells that get destroyed as a result of high blood glucose. This type of activity hasn’t been observed in another drug or all-natural agent.

Pitasara / Pterocarpus marsupium

Diabecon is an organic formulation of more than thirty five ayurvedic herbs and minerals. The herbs in diabecon act to reduce and keep blood sugar levels, prevent sugar cravings, repair as well as regenerate beta cells and also reduce long-term diabetic complications. It also helps lower LDL and raise HDL levels.


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